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“Every Child is unique"

The area where Parents are very much concerned with is Academics. Being a CBSE curriculum based school, Their skills to be developed along with academics. In brief, it is Child centered where the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual student is addressed.

Play and Curiosity

Awniyya School is a place where play is seen to be the finest natural way of learning. Play is the center from which children learn how to get along with one another, to know themselves, and learn about the world around them.


Awniyya Public School is a process oriented place, where children discover their abilities, passions, and skills through questioning, problem solving, independent thinking, innovation, and creativity. We believe children love to learn and that this sense of adventure can be lost when a child is pushed to grapple with things they aren't ready for. The teacher's role is to support children as they try new skills, make discoveries, and take the next step.

The Whole Child

In Awniyya Public School, education is holistic. Our program incorporates a natural integration of subjects, providing large blocks of time for exploration and discovery. Teachers know that children grow, and learn, by using all of their senses. Children develop skills through large and small motor processes, as well as thought processes. Children learn best in an environment where children's and teachers' ideas are respected, trusted, and treated with unconditional positive regard. Children learn that there are many ways to be smart – emotionally, intellectually, physically, artistically, and many more – and all are valued.

Collaborative Learning

Collaboration is a focus of the learning experience at Awniyya Public School. Collaboration is not limited to individual classes, but spans the entire school community. Parents and other adults share their talents with the school community in a variety of vital ways, such as driving for field trips, helping maintain school grounds, or sharing in the children's classroom learning.

The Natural World

At Awniyya Public School there is an appreciation that the natural world is the foundation for the healthy and natural development of children. Even the building is designed to bring the outside in. The natural world serves as an inspiration for emotional and intellectual growth.The outdoors is an important learning venue.


We know each child intimately over time, as a student and a human being, creating longevity of assessment. In conferences with parents, teachers share their assessments of each child's progress. Assessment is done in this way to help children accomplish the ultimate goal – developing and valuing their skills of self-assessment.