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" May be there is a road ahead of it,​

May be there is a new world down the road,​

Walking forth is the only plight,​

Because we didn't come this far to come this far only "

Good evening everybody!!​

I once again heartily welcome you all to the Annual Day Celebration of AWNIYYA Public School.​ I am indeed honoured to have this opportunity yet again to present before you the consistent upward graph of our school’s achievements and I would like to thank each one of you for being a significant part of this glorious journey.

A heart filled with aspirations is all that we knew since the very existence of the school and that's what gave us the ambition of marching forward till excellence is achieved in all our endeavours.​ This report is comprised of the achievements made during the year gone by and at the same time set the path for greater accomplishments in the years to come.


As a regular practice followed every year, this session began with the Orientation Programme for the parents of the students of classes Pre-Primary to VIII. The programme made the parents aware of the scheme of education we impart here at our school. Query-resolving session illuminated the path of positive parenting.​


Keeping ourselves up with the pace of the modern world, Complete Digitization of the school was undertaken which transformed the entire school chores channel through the Information Technology, bringing in more transparency and enhanced communication with parents and community. Digitization System on the pious day of his birthday celebration by launching the SCHOOL APP and school's own Youtube Channel.​


Having the school completely digitized has innumerous advantages to the parents, teachers and the school itself.​?

Parents can keep a real-time track of the status of their child for Daily Attendance, Feestatus, Periodic Results, School Circulars and News, etc. through the SCHOOL APP on Android and Apple mobiles

Parents have a direct access to communicate with the Class-Teacher for regular update of their child and the cases which need my personal attention can be escalated directly to me through the provision of Communicate in our Portal.

Parents and teachers have been brought closer as this software provide a direct upload of the daily homework on the online portal parallel to what's given in the classroom, so that parents too are apprised of the daily homework given in classroom and the same can be enforced at the parents' end too.​

As a new endeavour, we took a giant leap in the examination procedure this year by replacing the conventional regime of manually prepared Reports-cards by the teachers with Computer Generated Report-Cards. This transformation minimized the efforts of the teachers to manually fill in the Report-Cards all by themselves.​

With the sole purpose of updating teachers' knowledge, the school hosted a series of Teachers' Workshops with various significant aspects like Moral Values, Life Skills, Classroom management, Phonics.​ Attendee teachers further share the knowledge with other fellow teachers widening the sphere of wisdom.​

Competitions out of School

To take part is what counts in competition and lessons of victory and defeat are what we get in return. This environment was sufficiently created through inter-school and intra school competitions.

Our students took part in inter-school Literary and cultural Competitions conducted by RVS school and brought laudable laurels to the school.​

(i) First position in Essay writing

​ (ii) First position in Dance, where performed for folk dance

​ (iii) First position in Talent show in which exhibited their talent in yoga on a clay pot.​

The remarkable event that we participate every year is Yoga Competition organised by Panchabootha Martial Arts, In which Nine students

Children’s day

Chilrdren’s Day Celebration of this year marked the history of APS. We had lots of competitions and Quiz Competition was the highlight one , where the audience also took part and encouraged the participants. Our Management arranged a delightful lunch for all students and staff members.

KG Department

Our KG enjoyed their world of learning and experiencing

  • All Colour Days
  • Field Trip - especially all themes Communication, Transport, Houses, Area around us, Agri land, etc
  • Fruit salad day
  • Vegetable salad say
  • Grand Parents Day
  • Parents Day

Teacher’s Day

Teacher's Day Celebration took a rare turn this year when Teachers from all MDH group of schools came together and took the celebration to a whole new level through their astounding performances.​

Special Assembly

Promoting the harmony across all communities, Special Assemblies are conducted on a regular basis where all the Festivals irrespective of the religion & following are fondly celebrated.


As we are concerned and committed towards curriculum based and child centric learning, we follow EDAC till our Primary level. A child’s learning and development happens in his primary level and he / she is given opportunity to learn on his/her own pace.

We had a great event EDAC Day in the month of Feb, on the day Parents are invited to experience how their child is learning out of the curriculum. Children exhibited and shared their knowledge. Parents were excited and expressed their views.


Labs and Library is being progressed towards it full setup.

  • Maths Lab
  • Science Lab
  • Computer Science Lab
  • Library​


We successfully got NOC and Recognition from State Government and proceeded the next step ahead., We are marching towards CBSE affiliation and uploaded the necessary documents and expect the results in the forth coming academic year.​

We are drowning in information and severely starving for wisdom today. Fortunately, we are empowered with demographic dividend knocking on our door. We just need to break the cocoon and let in the beautiful colours of knowledge. I am sure in the coming years, we shall successfully channelize the halo of the young minds to explore best of their abilities.​

Towards the end, I thank the supportive management whose continuous support to our ideology of education has enabled the school to come this far. Teachers and the entire staff members also deserve applause for their tireless efforts in implementing the route map of imparting quality education here. I also extend my heartfelt thanks to the parents of our students who have shown unflinching faith in us by giving us the profound opportunity to transform their children into truly useful citizens of the future world.​ ​

With that, let us foresee a world of universal singularity where our children are going to be the propellant of this change and the world shall be a beautiful place to live in..!!!​

Thank you very much !!!!!